Safety, Wellness, & Waivers

Wellness Program

We are excited to open Pure Play Family Center to celebrate PLAY while focusing on the health and safety of our Guests and Team Members. Our Wellness Program for Health and Safety Guidelines not only focus on consistently maintaining a sanitary environment but also address the concerns surrounding COVID-19. All CDC guidelines, as well as those set forth by local and state governing agencies, have been adopted by Pure Play Family Entertainment LLC to promote the wellness of our Community as they Celebrate FUN with us at Pure Play Family Center and at all Events and Markets attended by the Pure Play Family Event Team. Please review the following answers to frequently asked questions to help you prepare to Have FUN… PURE and Simple!

What is the daily screening procedure for Pure Play Family Team Members?
  • Each member of our team is screened by a member of our Management Team to assure that they are feeling well and do not have any symptoms of concern.
  • Team Members are then temperature checked by a touchless forehead/temporal artery thermometer before beginning our Celebration of PLAY. Any team member who has not been feeling well or experiencing symptoms of concern will be required to be cleared by a medical professional before returning to work.
  • Each Team Member will be issued a “My Temperature Checks Out” sticker to be worn each day to proudly display to our Guests that we care about their wellness.
Are Guests of Pure Play Family Center required to wear Face Coverings?
  • Guests attending Play Parties must wear face coverings during game, craft, and activity times. Face coverings are, of course, not required during the food service or decorating of sweets for consumption.
  • Guests to our BEAM, Laser Maze, and Mirror-Me attractions are not required to wear face coverings according to CDC guidelines as well as local health protocols.
  • Guests enjoying time on the main floor must wear face coverings.
Are Face Coverings available at Pure Play Family Center?
  • Yes, surgical face coverings are available to our Guests if they do not have a personal face covering with them.
How is Pure Play Family Center protecting the wellness of Guests?
  • Health and safety guidelines posted outside of each entrance to Pure Play Family Center. Our Team Members are diligent in advocating wellness practices and remind Guests about the importance of staying healthy and encourage everyone to follow guidance from the CDC, including recommended prevention measures.
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations are distributed throughout the main floor of the Center.
  • Within our Party Playrooms, hand sanitizer is available and distributed for use before and after our guests engage in each activity, game, and craft.
  • Cleaning of all surfaces within Pure Play Family Center is an ongoing procedure by all Team Members as well as a dedicated Facilities Manager during hours of operation.
  • All Pure Play Family Team Members are required to wear masks and gloves. Gloves are changed regularly, assuring that each team member washes their hands between sets of gloves.
  • All Team Members have completed Pure Play Family Brand’s Sanitation Training which has been enhanced to specifically address COVID-19 policies and procedures. Additionally, Pure Play Family Entertainment LLC has required that each Team Member be certified by Safe Staff in Food Handling and Safety.
  • Pure Play Family Entertainment has voluntarily decreased capacity limits to promote Social Distancing.
  • Social Distancing Floor Markers have been installed throughout our lobby, main floor, and for queuing at all attractions.
  • Check-In Kiosk has been fitted with a Plexiglass partition for Team Members assisting customers during check-in and check-out.
What products are used in the sanitation of Pure Play Family Center?
  • For Daily Cleaning, PureGreen24, an EPA registered, broad spectrum antimicrobial disinfectant and deodorizer with unique 24-hour residual effectiveness is used throughout Pure Play Family Center.
  • Pure Play Family Center’s Facility Manager performs daily Fogging with Nu-Foamicide listed with the EPA to be used against human coronavirus / SARS-CoV-2 before each business day.
Does Pure Play Family Center enforce Social Distancing?
  • Floor markers showing recommended social distancing are located throughout Pure Play Family Center. We have reduced our Play Party capacity and we are asking all Guests to adhere to the social distance standard of 6ft apart on the main floor seating.
Is there a screening procedure for Guests visiting Pure Play Family Center?
  • In addition to our standard waiver, a Wellness Waiver, will be required by each Guest attending a Session, Play Party, or Family Celebration to assist us in securing the wellness of our Community.
  • Each guess will be temperature checked by a touchless forehead/temporal artery thermometer upon arrival to Pure Play Family Center.
  • In the event that a Guest is not able to provide Pure Play Family Center a Wellness Waiver or provide a “Green” status during the temperature check, they will be invited to reschedule their visit at Pure Play Family Center or receive a full refund.