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We believe that Family is the cornerstone of our Community.

We believe that Family is the cornerstone of our Community.

We believe that Family is the cornerstone of our Community.We believe that Family is the cornerstone of our Community.

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About Us



Pure Play Family Entertainment is devoted to bringing PLAY to families in our community.  Our story begins with Dennisse Ruiz Carrión, a very special lady with a dream of bringing PLAY to families.  Dennisse, with the love and support of her big sister, Ivelisse, set out to open a Family Entertainment Center.  The center, with all of the best attractions, amusement, and entertainment, would be a place where families could gather and spend time bonding through PLAY.  Dennisse, a former elementary school teacher and school psychologist,  knew that families who PLAY together STAY together.  Having FUN deepens the bonds between people.  It was clear to Dennisse and her sister, Ivelisse Ruiz, a partner in a gynecology and obstetrics practice, that the community where they live and raise their families could be strengthened through FUN and PLAY.   The sisters soon met Cheryl Taylor, a business consultant with Vision Realized Consulting Services, through an introduction made by Krys Zielinski, owner/operator of several Culver’s franchises in Tampa Bay Area.  Cheryl, who specializes in caused-based marketing, had worked with Culver’s cultivating community relationships and forming sponsorships with schools, sports organizations, and non-profit organizations.  Cheryl was also a board member of Conscious Capitalism, who recognizes and supports business owners who operate their businesses focusing on purpose over profits.  While working together to establish a Family Entertainment Center, the concept of Pure Play Family Entertainment was formed.  There was a need in our community that was tri-fold:  organizations needed sponsorships to assist the needs of members in our community, businesses needed assistance in developing cause-based marketing campaigns, and there was a void in the event planning market for family celebrations, community events, organizational fundraisers, and team-building activities.  Pure Play Family Entertainment fulfilled that need, Having FUN... PURE and Simple.

We are a specialty event planner with a very unique approach.  To create celebrations, events, and activities for members of our community, we form relationships with Community Partners.  Our Community Partners share a common mindset of doing business with a higher purpose in mind... enhancing the quality of life in our community.

You see, we are all about the business of FUN and PLAY, but we have gone a few steps further. We have formed a Cooperative of Community Partners that gives back to the community through sponsorships, charitable donations, and other philanthropic efforts. This focus is guided, in part, by the Pure Play Parent Panel comprised of local parents. The Panel helps us stay in touch and grounded in our community, allowing us to see through the eyes of the family.

To further our reach, Pure Play Sponsorships are formed with Beneficiaries throughout our communities who aid and support family bonds and values. Pure Play Beneficiaries allow us the privilege of working through them to make a larger impact than any one of us could possibly make alone. After all, we believe that family is the cornerstone of our community.

The FUN and PLAY in every Family Celebration, Community Event, Team-Building Activity, or Organizational Fundraiser takes us a step towards improving the quality of life in our community. It's a wonderful thing to know that while you participate in FUN and PLAY with your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors you too are making a valuable contribution to the community in which you live.


Come to a PLAY PARTY!

What is a Play Party©?  It’s a CELEBRATION of PLAY!  Everyone is the Guest of Honor in a themed party celebration featuring games, activities, and crafts.  Meet new friends and make treasured family memories in the private Party Playroom© decorated with over-the-top party decorations.  The festivities are hosted by a dedicated Pure Play Hosting Team and include a themed snack and beverage for everyone.   

Every day is a CELEBRATION of PLAY at Pure Play Family Center© in private Party Playrooms© hosting a variety of themed Play Parties©.  There’s a different set of themes each day, perfect for preschool and primary school aged children and tweens.  


Community Events

Pure Play Family Entertainment participates in Community Events representing our Cooperative of Community Partners to increase brand awareness, enhance community relationships, and provide onsite FUN and PLAY through a variety of entertainment and attractions. 

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